Government through the health  ministry has welcomed the state of art laboratory funded by the world bank at Mbarara referral hospital.

This, after both ministry of health and world bank officials inspected a newly completed laboratory at the western Uganda’s biggest hospital.

Dubbed “East Africa public health lab” it guzzled over 3.5 Bn Ugx.

These evaluated the state of the art laboratory among other projects in the hospital and concluded that its up to standard.

This will be offering a wide range of services which among others include renal function test, culture & sensitivity, helicobacter antigen among others.

Dr. Barigye commended the world bank together with the government of Uganda for funding Mbarara RRH.

He added that this laboratory is a very big step towards attaining a national referral status in future though he appealed to the world bank to offer more diagnostic equipment.

“We have had scenarios where  people come looking for DNA services in order to ascertain the paternity of contested children, if we can get machines to run such tests then we can do it well here”, Says Dr Barigye.

Similarly, Dr. Robert Wagubi, the head of laboratory services at Mbarara RRH noted that the high demand for DNA services necessitates quick intervention.

On a monthly basis according to Dr. Wagubi, the hospital receives over fifty (50) clients of which many come from police.

In response, Dr. Jessica Nsungwa, MoH commissioner in charge of maternal and child health commended the hospital director for lobbying for the hospital.

Dr. Jessica describes him as a visionary man adding that as the ministry of health they have been and continue to support the hospital which she says is on verge of becoming a national referral.

Nevertheless, Dr Micheal Muwanga, assistant commissioner in charge of surveillance complimented that the ministry said they look forward to equipping the hospital.

Currently, this state of art laboratory at Mbarara referral hospital is getting occupied by laboratory specialists pending official commissioning by the ministry of health.

Hospital Management, World bank officials and ministry of health representatives after inspecting the Laboratory

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  1. Shwanda Stephen kajungu (Rev)

    Thank government for such initiative mostly to do DNa make it available and I believe that it will be affordable to us, this will reveal true identity of stakeholders I,e true father , brother relative(blood) relationship.The bible says that when you the truth it will make you free . know the absolute truth God gave you only one Life on this planet Earth. Thank our our President for such initiative to develop the otherwise Great minds still dreaming.

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