Maternity services were started in Mbarara over ……yrs ago by ………. To date it is one of the most active departments in the Hospital. We do almost …… deliveries every year.

General Services

Integrated Maternal and Child care services in outpatient
Gynecologist outpatient services
Delivery services


The department is well staffed with …… Specialists Obstetricians / Gyneacologist

…. Are Senior Consultants with over 20years’ experience, …. Medical Officers, with a total of almost 80 Registered/Enrolled Midwives. Among the senior staff are:

we can list if possible

Future Plans

Introducing ……

Bring a book or activity to pass time between treatments or while waiting for your appointment. The length of each patient’s appointment will vary. If you would like to get some work done or browse the internet while you wait, the Cancer Center offers free Wi-Fi.