1. Activities
-providing family planing services to those who come to the clinic
– provide right information about the use of fp services, through health education talks to those who come to the clinic,
-conduct out reaches and radio talk shows about the use of family planning services, etc
– medical students getting skills from the clinic
Provide information for research purposes.
-Getting other services like, testing for HIV and SYPHILLS, treat other infection that clients get and refer to others centers for proper care and management
2.objectives of the clinic is to make sure that everyone person who comes to the clinic get the services needed
3. The clinic is open from Monday to Friday.(not open on public holidays)

4. Achievements
– clients who come to the clinic get the services as needed.
-Client number of FP uptake has gradually increased
-students have gained more knowledge and skills in administrating Family planning services
-there is increased aware of benefits of using FP contraceptive, many myths have been corrected and many other issues concerning use of FP services

6. Since 2006 there has been steady increase in numbers of people using FP services. On averaged 200 clients are seen per month.
7. When coming to the clinic, exercise book and kaveera for laying on the coach is needed.
8.arrival time is 8:30 am

9. Tel numbers 0770777301/0759579325( call from 8:30 to 6pm).

10. For those who come to the clinic 10% are men and 90 are women

11. Another object for the clinic is to make sure more men are involved in using FP services, and support their wives when it comes to using FP services

By: Twinomujuni Honest, working as a FP clinic coordinator.